Sustainable Consumption and Production
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The project is created through the report of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) which is warning  that  current unsustainable consumption and production patterns are increasing water and air pollution, land and forest degradation, waste generation and the use of harmful chemical substances.
Current pressures on the planet’s natural resources and life support systems will increase with population and economic growth unless consumption and production patterns become more efficient and less polluting.
Economic growth will have to be decoupled from resource use and environmental degradation, so that inclusive socio-economic development can be sustained.
In this context, our project is contributing to the development of a European Area of Skills and Qualifications, developing basic and transversal skills and using innovative methods with these objectives:

to prevent students from unsustainable consumption
to increase sense of responsible individual approach
to teach and disseminate the importance of true consumption behaviors between teenagers
to increase  competence in foreign languages and level of digital competence
to develop knowledge  among students and teachers of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its value
to increase the level of understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
to learn about current issues which affect the Earth and especially European countries
to improve pupil`s intellectual and social skills
To be able to develop better conscious between our students, we will work on the topic by dividing it into subtopics. Topic will be the main root for all partner and subtopics will be different to each Learning/Teaching/Training Activities which will be done 5 times during two years. Within the project participant will study on the subtopics first in their own school and present their Works in these exchanges. Project activities will be studied in one hand by students and in another hand campaigns will be organized within the subtopics in the schools with the aim of turning the studies into action.


Thanks to all the Partners, students, families and everyone who collaborated to the great success of this project.


Patners' Websites

1.  France       Louis-thuillier
2.  Italy          I.I.S. "E. Fermi"

3.  Turkey      Çorlu Velimese Çok Programli Anadolu Lisesi

4.  Estonia     
Audentes School and Sports Gymnasium
5.  Spain        IES Gran Capitán de Córdoba
6.  Romania    Colegiul National "Octavian Goga"

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